Sign Restoration

Los Angeles Sign Company provides a unique and almost extinct service known as sign restoration for building signs in various industries and companies in the Los Angeles, California area. The majority of clients are not aware that this service is available and possible. The feedback we get from our clients is that of awe and amazement. We take pride in being able to provide this service to our clients. There are two methods of sign restoration:

The first one is to clean and polish the sign. This is designed for plastic (polycarbonate) sign faces. There are various outdoor conditions that erode the sign, such as exposure to the sun, change in temperature, humidity, and chemical pollutants. As a result, the gloss is lost in the process.

The second one is to refurbish signs that are made of metal and wood. This includes signs that are illuminated and non-illuminated. Sign panels are cleaned, prepped, resurfaced, and painted. We use a special protective UV coating on the paint that extends the life span of the paint on the sign. We replace the neon, if the neon is not in working condition. We also repair the electrical wiring and replace the electrical components to finally restore the sign to its original look.