Lighting- Services

Los Angeles Sign Company provides electrical and lighting services to commercial and residential clients in the Los Angeles, California area.

It is important to be aware of all the different lighting options and which kind of lighting will work best for each customer. We specialize in helping each customer select the best lighting available to fit their special needs. There are five basic types of lighting: traditional light fixtures, track lights, recessed lighting, low voltage lighting, and outdoor lighting.

We repair, clean and install onsite light fixtures (ballasts, sockets & bulbs). Our electrical technicians are trained in troubleshooting (To locate the problem and then fix it) procedures. It does not matter what kind of electrical problem you have; we can fix it and solve all your electrical needs. We offer the following services:

Exterior Lighting Maintenance

Well-lit buildings create visibility at night and can reduce the chances of theft and vandalism. In addition to making your property more attractive and safe for your tenants, proper illumination also reduces liability.

Retrofit Lighting

We are specifically trained in the art of upgrading existing lighting systems, as well as installing new energy-efficient lighting products and fixtures. Upgrading your lighting systems will result in a more attractive, safer and efficient property for your tenants and customers.